Fundamental to the success of Group Satellite is our unwavering commitment to business integrity. From the perspective of lenders and stakeholders this means being honest and transparent and meeting all of our obligations on time.

To customers this means delivering optimum value for money, never cutting corners and ensuring timely delivery. To society this means being opposed to all unfair and corrupt practices and ensuring that business is conducted with a social conscience.


In order to deliver superior products and innovative buildings to our customers we are constantly upgrading our skills and expertise.

Our aim is to build buildings worthy of international acclaim. We work with some of the best architects, structural consultants, engineers and interior designers in the world. Group Satellite projects are recognizable for their quality, originality and longevity and this bears testament to the fact that we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition.


As an organization Group Satellite is extremely ambitious and this is a value which we seek to instill in all of our employees. As Mumbai continues to develop and takes an increasingly more prominent place on the world stage, we aim to construct the buildings which will help put Mumbai on the map.

We also aim to continue to improve and upgrade our in-house expertise and form strategic partnerships which can help us to evolve into an ever stronger organization. With a combination of strong leadership, exceptional personnel and an unrivalled land bank, we feel that the sky is the limit.