Recognizes the importance of sustainable and ethical development. For this reason, a sense of corporate social responsibility pervades our every choice and decision. Whether it is investing in the development of our employees, lending a helping hand in philanthropic endeavors or preserving Mumbai’s diverse ecology, Group Satellite is committed to creating a better society.


Environmental concern

Firmly committed to environmentally sustainable development in order to preserve Mumbai’s diverse ecology and has taken the following steps to do so-

♦ Safe and environmentally sensitive disposal of building materials.
♦ Avoiding heavy pollutants.
♦ Building energy efficient buildings to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
♦ Satellite Gazebo Commercial project received Leed Platinum rating for energy efficiency.
♦ Assessing ecological implications of development.

Safety & Staff development

Recognizes the fact that the true value of the business is to be found in its people. In order to mitigate risk to our staff and to ensure their development, we take the following steps–
♦ Provision of safety equipment for all onsite staff.
♦ Safety training and procedures.
♦ Staff development programs.
♦ Regular testing of safety equipment.
♦ Provision of hot meals for all onsite staff and family.

Satellite Foundation

Despite India’s meteoric rise, abject poverty remains a major issue. Group Satellite has established Satellite Foundation, a vehicle for the company’s philanthropic work, with the sole responsibility to combat the causes of Indian poverty. The foundation aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and to provide children from deprived neighborhoods with the opportunities to build a better life. The foundation is managed and run by Mrs. Kalpana Shah.